How to act on a first date?

The first meeting is decisive, just like the first impression. Maybe because all the first date call on our famous instinct, you know the one that allowed us to leave without wasting time in front of a mammoth, not to procrastinate in the face of danger, in a few words to save your skin! Also, it reappears during the first moments of contact to analyze for us if it is dangerous or not, translated in contemporary terms: whether it will “match” or not. Also, nothing will be worth the natural concerning your behavior and your answers to lay the foundation for a relationship.

Because sometimes it’s essential to get back to basics! Because it is easy to get lost in the middle of 50 000 tips that can be found and heard everywhere. And we find ourselves without knowing what to do exactly the day of the appointment with your crush! Looking to attract a quality person? Become yourself a quality person with whom you would like to go out. How to behave on the first date with a man? Here are 6 timeless tips to please your crush:

Advice valid (as all the others for that matter) for both women and men of course. So for men, we will avoid taking out his favorite t-shirt but patched, we shave properly, we banished jogging and sneakers, and we remove all headgear (bandana, cap, beret, etc.) or sunglasses!

For women, we will have a light hand on makeup, and we avoid the dipping necklines. In short, do not do too much, not enough. There are many ways to put your body in value without sinking into the vulgar. And above all, be comfortable in what you wear.

More beautiful apple than poor pear

Who says natural, does not say to let go dress or lack of tact in the remarks. Like the apple in Snow White, be sure to present your best side, that shiny and that makes you want! There is necessarily a worm in the fruit but do not put the focus on it immediately and do not pass either for a beautiful exotic fruit or a poor little pear!

Metaphors aside, for a first date, keep in mind that there is no point in playing a role: bet on your physical and mental strengths.

Do you think you are too luscious? Opt for a pretty neckline in a chic and clean blouse! Are you shy? Assume that it is because you value the other, that you are considerate.

Happiness, complicity, simplicity

First Dates

Concerning the topics to be addressed and the story to tell: it’s simple: you’re on top!

Not one you fantasized but one that exists: the one that you are with your successes and your desires optimistic and realistic in short terms. It is useless to already address the life of the couple, the marriage, the house, and the dog! Just talk about the desire for happiness, the desire for two-to-one sharing, the simplicity of the exchanges!

Do not sit on old relationships

The last point to remember is that you should avoid saying too much about your past stories. They are finished, they have had their good, and their bad points point to the line. And do not denigrate your old lovers, this would give an awful image of you and could be the cause of a new trip to two never started.

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